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“I'm extremely happy the lithium-ion batteries helped communications around the world”. - John B. Goodenough

Futurelite Lithium-Ion batteries are manufactured and marketed by Zixin Energy Private Limited (ZEPL), an Indian institution indigenously manufactured to meet the requirements in automobile, stationary, energy storage systems and special grade applications in department of defence, government of India in various lithium battery applications.

Futurelite Lithium-Ion batteries have achieved this level of quality and excellence in the throughput by consortium of expertise who are retired from various Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO )lab’s and foreign collaborations in technical and technological research and developments. 

Futurelite Lithium-Ion batteries for domestic and commercial applications, with demanding storage needs are based on active-cell balancing technology for best performance and life expectancy.

The chemical structure of the futurelite Lithium-Ion batteries are innately safe in their chemistry, neither they can burn nor explode.  The life-expectancy of Futurelite lithium-ion batteries is 10 years, which is high compared to other battery systems present in the market. These batteries range from 1.0kwh to 44.0kwh, although multiple batteries may be combined for large scale needs, and the maintenance is absolutely fee. They can be installed across all independent/multi-floor residences, domestic, business and commercial establishments in urban and rural areas. 9*-

Futurelite lithium-ion batteries are energy efficient, powerful and long lasting. They charge faster, requires no maintenance, and extended battery life, are the complementing factors of the technology which exceeds the performance and reliability of a standard lead-acid accumulator. The high performance energy cells of the batteries are known for durable charging.  For instance, a 48V (260 Ah) lithium-ion battery, after a chance charging time of one and half-hour, absorbs 50% of its capacity, and the full charge could be attained in 3 hours.

The battery packs are high specific energy and high load capabilities with power cells, offering a long cycle and extended shelf-life; high capacity, low internal resistance, good coulombic efficiency (CE), simple charge algorithm and reasonably short charge times, and low self-discharge (less than half that of NiCd and NiMH). Futurelite Lithium batteries offer numerous solutions for various applications viz. e-bike, e-bicycle, e-rickshaw, e-auto, e-loader, e-tractor, waste handling vehicles, material handling equipment viz. forklift, AGV (automated guided vehicle), robot, pallet truck, hand pallet, UPS for home and office viz. offline UPS, Online UPS, Solar PCU, lift inverter, solar, energy storage systems (ESS) for containers , etc.,

Using the newest lithium-ion technology, the charging enables continuous use of your vehicles for up to 24 hours without changing batteries. Futurelite Lithium-ion batteries feature a powerful anticipation of over 2,000+ full cycles as compared to a typical service-life of a lead-acid accumulator, ranges from 900 to 1,200 cycles. 

Furthermore, the advantage of futurelite lithium-ion batteries is, it eliminates the risks of escaping gases or acid related to conventional lead-acid batteries, making them ideal to use. As a frontrunner in lithium-ion technology, Futurelite provides batteries, charging units for vehicles that are designed to figure with one another for max energy efficiency. Futurelite lithium-ion batteries are available with a minimum warranty of 3-years with an option to extend up to 5 years.

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